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Weekend in Ikast

A cozy weekend with Grandma in Ikast has come to an end. Alex and Mette already went Thursday morning by train.  On friday, the three of them went to the Herning Center to see a small circus that had come to town. I joined them on friday afternoon after work,…

Friday with dad & Saturday with mom

Mommy was out Friday night. So, the scene was set for boys night in. For dinner we had dad´s speciality, pasta bolognese, which Alex loves. Afterwards we enjoyed a good share of Friday-candy in front of the TV. On Saturday it was daddy´s turn to be out with his friends. Mommy…

Trip to the National Museum of Denmark

Finally, I pulled myself together and got me a travel card. So, in order to take it in use, we decided to take on a  little family trip to the National Museum of Denmark. The Museum has a great children´s section where Alex had a blast. Among lots of other…

Mom’s birthday

We celebrated mom´s birthday by taking a trip to Copenhagen Zoo. Even though it was cold, a lot af the animals were very active and I got some good shots of especially the big cats. Close to the tiger enclosure, a big Laplander´s tent had been raised and around small…