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Welcome to my visual playground

Gymnastics Show

During the last six months, Alex has been attending gymnastics training for the youngest. To conclude the season, Skovlunde Gymnastics Federation had organised a big gym show, where all the teams could show of their talents. Alex team was no exception and they did a great show dressed up as…

Falck Day

This Saturday, Falck had invited all of their customers to open house  at their premises in Taastrup. Grandma who is a member of Falck, invited us to come. And what an educational experience it was. Among many things, the kids could play with fire hoses, extinguish a live fire with…

Play date

Today, Alex had a play date with his best friend from the daycare, Sofia. This took place at the Eventyrfabrikken Megacenter – a big play center in Ballerup. And they certainly do not lie when they call it a megacenter. The place was huge. The dinosaur theme of the center was very…

The Blue Planet

Today,  we visited The Blue Planet – The National Aquarium of Denmark. Even though we went there last year and the year before, it is very impressive and always worth a visit. However, when it comes to taking photos, you are in for a challange. Low light and lots of…

Fastelavn and birthdays

This weekend, we celebrated Fastelavn and two birthdays. On Friday, Alex met at the daycare dressed up as a scary skeleton. On Saturday, we celebratd grandma´s and grandpa´s birthday. This time, he was dressed up as Spiderman whereas cousin Lilja was the Hulk. Great couple.  

Weekend in Ikast

A cozy weekend with Grandma in Ikast has come to an end. Alex and Mette already went Thursday morning by train.  On friday, the three of them went to the Herning Center to see a small circus that had come to town. I joined them on friday afternoon after work,…